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The Studio & Your Experience

Located inside the historic BOK Building in South Philadelphia.

Where your love story unfolds...

Hey there, I’m Jared, the lead photographer at Days Away Creative, and I couldn’t be more excited to share our little secret with you. While many wedding studios capture beautiful moments on your big day, I take it a step further. I believe that your love story deserves more than just one day in the spotlight. That’s why I’ve created a haven where your love can continue to shine long after the wedding bells have stopped ringing.

Benefits of a studio like mine!

Reveal Celebrations!
Picture this – you’ve tied the knot, danced the night away, and your wedding is now a cherished memory. Weeks later, you walk into my cozy studio, where your breathtaking moments come to life once more. The anticipation builds, and then… Voilà! Your photos are unveiled in all their glory. It’s like reliving your wedding day all over again.  You’ll have 6-10 of some of your best story telling photos printed and matted up on my gallery wall!  Pick them up, touch them, feel them, experience something so beautiful and so meaningful in physical form for the very first time!

At my studio, I don’t just hand over a USB with your photos. I throw you a grand reveal celebration. I believe that your love deserves a toast! Enjoy a glass of bubbly or a refreshing beverage while you take in the magic of your wedding day captured in every frame.

Love and good food go hand in hand. My studio is your post-wedding paradise, complete with delectable treats to satisfy your cravings. From savory bites to sweet delights, your taste buds are in for a treat as you savor the flavors of your love story.

This is your private space, and I’m here to cater to your every need. Take your time to browse through your photos, reliving the laughter, the tears, and the unforgettable moments shared with your loved ones. I’m here to answer any questions, offer advice, or simply chat about your incredible journey.

I’m not just a photographer; I’m your friend. My studio is a place where we get to know you better, understand your vision, and tailor your wedding photos to reflect your unique love story.

I don’t just capture moments; I create heirlooms. Our physical studio is where your love story takes its permanent place on your walls. Choose from our exquisite range of prints, albums, and framed photos to ensure your memories are cherished for generations to come.

Join the Days Away Creative Family

When you choose Days Away Creative, you’re not just hiring a wedding photography studio – you’re becoming a part of my family. I’m here to make your wedding journey extraordinary, from capturing those precious moments on your special day to the reveal celebration weeks later.

Your love story is unique, and so should be its celebration. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together, where love, laughter, and photography come together in a perfect blend. Visit my studio, and let’s make magic happen!

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