Jared Wood

Owner & Photographer

I grew up right outside of Trenton, New Jersey.  Like most kids my age I was really into BMX and skateboarding and of course that meant someone always had a camera on them.  Even if that meant just a disposable.  Growing up playing music I became infatuated with photographing live music.  I shot world-wide acts such as Slipknot, Dragonforce, Disturbed, and national touring bands like Angels and Airwaves, Story of the Year, Saosin, The Early November, Underoath and dozens more.  In 2009 I was published in both Alternative Press and Drum Magazines.

I pursued a degree in digital media production at Rider University where I’d go on to work for the campus photographer, contribute 90% of the photos in the University’s yearbook and website.  It was in 2009 I also shot my first wedding for friends of friends.  It was at this time I realized how much I loved photographing people.

Starting in 2017 I began pursuing my Master’s Degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Organizational Dynamics.  I take my course work at a snails pace because my heart and soul are in my photography but I like the intellectual challenges of graduate school. 

When I’m not taking photos you can find me all over the city.  I’m a die hard Philadelphia sports fan, love the nightlife around the city although my body has recently informed me that it’s over that scene.  I’m always looking for new dog parks to take my Chiweenie Cody.  Lastly if I’m not in the city I’m driving around in my Jeep blasting Springsteen on the way to the mountains or the ocean.

I’ve lived in Queen Village for the past 5 years but now I’m thinking about switching to a new neighborhood.  Got any suggestions? 

Days Away Creative LLC is a fully insured photography company.