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Sarai and Phil's Central Park Engagement Photos

Sarai and Philip’s engagement session throughout NYC Central Park and the Upper West Side was a beautiful and joyous occasion. The day was sunny, with a crisp autumn breeze that was perfect for a walk in the park. Sarai looked stunning in her incredible green dress, and the fall foliage made for the perfect backdrop for their photos.

We started their engagement session in Central Park, where we took advantage of the beautiful scenery and walked around the park. The couple was so in love, and it was a delight to capture the joy and excitement they had for each other. They were playful and affectionate, and the love they had for each other was evident in every shot.

We stopped for a break and enjoyed some refreshing beverages, which were the perfect pick-me-up on a warm fall day. The couple’s energy was infectious, and they had so much fun together. They laughed and joked, and it was clear that they were meant to be together.

After our break, we continued walking through the park, taking photos along the way. The couple was up for anything, and they even sprayed some bottles all over each other. It was a fun and silly moment that they’ll never forget.

Next, we headed to the Upper West Side, where we captured some beautiful photos of Sarai and Philip as they strolled through the streets. The couple was so relaxed and happy, and it was a joy to watch them interact with each other. They were a perfect match, and their love for each other shone through in every shot.

The couple’s wedding is set to take place at Pomme in Radnor, PA and will be hosted by Peachtree Catering in the fall of 2023. The couple is sure to have a beautiful and memorable wedding, and I am honored to have been a part of their engagement session.

Sarai and Philip are truly a perfect match, and their love for each other is evident in every photo. Their engagement session was a beautiful and joyous occasion, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. I wish them all the happiness and love in the world, and I can’t wait to see their beautiful wedding photos in the future.