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Sarai and Phil's Central Park Engagement Photos

Yes I know I’m Philly through and through but I love when couples ask to ship me up to NYC for a change of scenery.  That was certainly the case here for Sarai and Phillip as they both live and love in Manhattan.  Although they’re not getting married until next year at Pomme Radnor, it was important to capture this incredible time in their lives in the place they love to spend time together. 

That’s really what an engagement session is to us.  It’s the opportunity to put our couples in an environment that is important to them and that they can be themselves and have fun in.  THAT is how you achieve authenticity in your photos.  Couples often worry about posing and feeling comfortable.  While they look amazing I’m here to report that Sarai and Phil are NOT professional models.  So don’t stress going into your session.  Instead think about all the fun we’re going to have!