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Dreamy Photos of 2020

2020 wasn’t with out it’s challenges.  Many wedding’s postponed, micro weddings, and just so many new ideas.  We still photographed almost 40 weddings in the year so we were very happy still be out there (safely) preserving your memories for generations!

It’s these couples that really helped push Days Away Creative win the “Best of 2021” from the knot for Philadelphia Wedding Photographers this year.  In a very uncertain year we’re SO proud to be a part of the few Philadelphia wedding photographers to be awarded this prestigious recognition. 

With 60+ weddings still on the calendar for 2021 we can’t wait to spread out all of the city of Philadelphia to continue capturing these moments!


The Knot Award

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*All images were captured by members of the Days Away Creative team yet some images were taken on behalf of Hitched Productions, The Wise Image, Kelly Sea Images, Sharyn Frenkel Photography, Love by Joe Mac, and Alex Medvick Photography.