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Portico Awbury Arboretum by Peachtree Catering

What you can expect

Portico Awbury Arboretum is a stunning location to get married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Located on the northern edge of the city, this arboretum offers a serene and picturesque setting for your special day. Here is what you can expect from the experience of getting married at Portico Awbury Arboretum

The Venue, The Ceremony, The Reception, and More.

The venue itself is a beautiful stone mansion surrounded by lush greenery and trees. The mansion boasts a large wraparound porch that overlooks the arboretum’s beautiful gardens. The inside of the mansion is just as breathtaking, with ornate details and stunning natural light that pours in through the large windows.

There are several options for where to hold your ceremony at Portico Awbury Arboretum. The most popular spot is on the lawn in front of the mansion, with the mansion itself serving as a beautiful backdrop. The arboretum staff will help you set up chairs for your guests and ensure that everything is ready for your big moment.

The reception can be held either on the lawn in front of the mansion or in a tent on the lawn. If you choose to have a tent, the arboretum staff will help you set it up and decorate it to your liking. The arboretum offers a list of preferred vendors for catering, but you are welcome to bring in your own caterer if you prefer.

Portico Awbury Arboretum offers endless opportunities for stunning wedding photos. From the mansion’s wraparound porch to the beautiful gardens, there are countless spots for you and your photographer to capture beautiful moments on your special day.

Overall, getting married at Portico Awbury Arboretum is a truly magical experience. The staff is friendly and accommodating, the venue is breathtaking, and the setting is peaceful and serene. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that combines natural beauty with historic charm, Portico Awbury Arboretum is definitely worth considering.

In conclusion, Portico Awbury Arboretum is a wonderful choice for couples looking for a serene and picturesque setting to get married in Philadelphia. With its stunning venue, beautiful gardens, and friendly staff, it’s no wonder why so many couples choose to tie the knot at this stunning arboretum.

Contact Information

Website:  Portico Awbury Arboretum

Caterer:  Peachtree Catering

Phone:  (484) 580-8260

Contact:  Contact Portico Directly

Address:  1 Awbury Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19138