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Julia at Brendan at Pomme

Venue – Pomme Rador
Coordination & Catering – Peachtree Catering
Floral – Beaucycled
Cake – Night Kitchen Bakery
Hair & Makeup – Jazmin Rae & Co
DJ – Eclipse Entertainers 

Well like so many who had to postpone due to COVID-19 Julia and Brendan FINALLY got to have their day and honestly I’m not sure they could’ve asked for much better.  The Peachtree catering team is always top notch and are just incredible to work with.  In this case too Beaucycled blew us all away with the florals that lined the ceiling of the incredible Pomme Radnor

Julia was just stunning as the dream over at Jazmin Rae & Co did a stunning job at making these VIPs pop.  Brendan who’s a huge Philadelphia 76ers fan was poised that his Sixers who had a VERY important playoff game that night would pull through.  He even let me rock my Tyrees Maxey jersey under my formalwear.  ANYWAY the wedding day went absolutely perfect and the Sixers won a HUGE game in an ultimately disappointing playoff run.  Thankfully Julia and Brendan, well their playoff run has just begun!