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8 Home Date Night Ideas for Couples Living In A Pandemic

Here are some fun ideas to keep your date night but safely inside!

  1. Play some free RETRO video games.  Loser has to make the next drinks!

  2. Cook a meal using only what’s in the house.  TWIST.  It can’t be something you’ve ever made before!

  3. Complete a crossword puzzel together.  Whoever gets more, has to give the other a back massage.

  4. Pull out the old DVD Collection and watch all the footage include additional endings and deleted scenes.  Netflix can’t do that!

  5. Read each other a chapter of your favorite book and tell them why it’s your favorite.

  6. Order in food and pretend the electricity is out and go all candle light!

  7. Youtube Karaoke.  Find your favorite songs with lyrics on YouTube and have a singalong.  The more wine the better.

  8. Challenge each other to a cook off.  Loser does dishes while the winner preps the bubble bath. 

    I mean you have to stop there right? 😎