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Coronavirus Impacting Your Wedding? Here Are Some Thoughts.

By now we’ve all heard of it.  This COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus causing a worldwide pandemic and the timing couldn’t be worse.  Why is that?  Because it’s right after you’ve spent months planning your perfect wedding.

First let me kick off this blog with some assurance to all of my couples.  I AM HERE FOR YOU!  That is the first thing I want you all to hear.  Whether I’m your photographer already, you are considering me for your photography, or whatever.  I AM HERE FOR YOU!  I’m here to work with you as much as I can through this wildly annoying process to help make sure things go as smoothly as possible for you!  IF you are one of my 2020 couples.  If the wedding is on I WILL BE THERE.  No questions asked. 

Couples all over the country are postponing and canceling their weddings due to the coronavirus aka COVID-19.  Fears of spreading the illness have consumed our lives from hearing your neighbor next door talk about it to 90% of social media posts.  And there is a legit reason for that.  Family are having trouble traveling, venues are closing due to staff illness, the list goes on and on.  So here is my advice.

Try to stay calm.  It’s so important to me that after all the thought and planning you’ve put into this day that it lives up to every one of your highest expectations!  I will take precautions for each of my weddings but under zero circumstances under my control will I not show up for a wedding I’m photographing.  I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE!

With all that is going on I’m hearing horror stories of their photographers canceling or not being able to re-book them because of their availability.  With this in mind I am willing to work with any couple going through this type of hardship.  The industry of photographers is like a family.  We continuously support each other and most agree that your wedding images and the experience you have on your wedding day is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to us.

Constantly communicate with your vendors.  I still want to be your photographer no matter what.  As you sought out your photographer I too was searching for the best couples that fit best with me and my brand as well.  Let’s work through this together.  If you feel like you need to switch your wedding date, work with me and I’ll make any day that I’m free work for you.  No days off.

Don’t be afraid to push the date back even further.  Odds are we booked a long time ago.  Same with your venue.  I can’t stress enough I want you to have the perfect day and with that in mind Days Away Creative will be waiving any and all fees associated with rescheduling.  This is completely out of your control and it’s most important me that you’re taken care of.  I still want to be your photographer so lets find a date that works for us both and crush it!  It’s all about staying in touch!

I’m also happy to take any precautions that you see fit.  If you’d prefer I wear a mask, gloves, etc.  I will comply 100%.  If you prefer I NOT wear any of that in fear it might cause stress with your guests, I’m also happy to accommodate.  It’s all about YOU!  Noticing the trend?

On that note I hope you’re all staying safe and taking whatever precautions you see fit to stay healthy.  My cell is always available so feel free to call me, text me, email me, shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram… anything.  I’m here for you and we’ll get through this together!  Thanks