Benefits of an unplugged wedding ceremony.

If you haven’t seen this viral photo by now, here ya go!

Photo by Hannah Way – Hannah Way Photography.

Think this is the first time?

You would be absolutely wrong.  As a wedding photographer you’ve got the incredible responsibility of capturing those once in a lifetime moments.  And that’s just it.  You get ONE shot at them.  That’s why it breaks my heart to see photos like the ones above.  

What do you think the person taking this photo with their smart phone is going to do with it?  Post it up on social media so they can show what a great angle or seat they got during the wedding?  It’s absolutely ridiculous that this perfect moment was ruined because of the selfishness of a guest. 

Brides. You Can Prevent This!

Unplugged weddings aren’t totally new.  In fact I’ve photographed a number of weddings that were unplugged.  All it takes is a simple sign acknowledging as your guests enter that they’re not permitted to pull out their own cameras of any kinds.  This includes smart phones and just as important TABLETS.  Who thought “oh my this 10″ screen makes a great portable camera.”  Get real.  Leave the iPad at home. 

Here is a perfect example of a wedding I photographed back at the German Society in Philadelphia.

I love this because this sign was not only elegant but more importantly points out the idea of living in the moment.  “Enjoy this moment WITH us!” How would that be phrased any better?  

Here I’ll even do you the legwork of searching pinterest for you.  Check out all the Unplugged Wedding Signs here!

“What about my uncle who’s got a professional camera?”

The nicest way I can put this… Why should he be robbed of the experience of enjoying the ceremony with you?  Isn’t that why you hired me anyway???

Jared feel free to bring you camera to our wedding!

Every so often I get offered to bring my camera to weddings I’m invited as a guest at and always politely decline.  Not because I’m not “working for free” or anything.  It’s more of I don’t want to get in the way of the professionals at work.  Oh and I the idea of an open bar on the horizon and expensive camera gear… can’t end well.

Learn from the mistakes of many…

And take this opportunity to prevent having that perfect moment at your wedding ruined by a selfish guest who’s never going to look at that photo again until they realize their on the news for having gone viral.  And not in a good way.