Surviving the Heat During Summer Weddings.

Doesn’t matter if you’re the bride, the groom, or just a guest here are some killer tips for keeping cool in these wildly warm summer weddings!

By Jared Wood

Some of these are going to sound like no-brainers… I get it.  But trust me when I say you’ll find at least one good tip that you’ll appreciate as you prevent dying from attending these 90 degree wedding days. 

Guys Get Your Haircut Girls Wearing Your Hair Up.

For guys a fresh haircut will do WONDERS for keeping you cool plus if you end up being in the sun for much of the day (It happens more often that you think), you won’t have that embarrassing tan line when you finally DO get a haircut around the back of your head.

Ladies I know hair and makeup on wedding days whether you’re int he part or not is important but so is being comfortable.  Get that hair off your shoulders and enjoy every bit of moving air that comes by.  You’ll thank me later. 

Ditch The Sweaty Pits and Stay Dry.

Armpit is a gross word so from here on out let’s refer to them as “under arms”.  Cool? (No pun intended).  

This goes for both guys and girls but let me start with the men.  The ones who sweat through their dress shirts dripping from the under arms and as a result leave their wool suit jackets on all day to hide the fact they’ve sweat through it.  Horrible feeling.

Do yourself a favor and go pick up a Thompson Tee.  Look familiar? They were on shark tank so if you’re a weekday evening TV junkie you may have seen the episode.  Truth is… they work.  Like really well.  

Ladies, they make them for you as well.  A bit less variety but if you think you’ll be able to hide the Thompson Tee under your attire do it!

Caffeine Makes You Sweat More.

I know this is horrible news… BUT come on it’s a wedding day you shouldn’t need a boost of energy throughout the day. 

The science is pretty simple.  Caffeine is a stimulant that increases your heart rate, raises your blood pressure, and yes activates your sweat glands.  So if you’re the type that sweats it out in this type of situation leave the coffee/Redbull at home for the day and remind yourself your a matter of minutes/hours from an open bar.

Minimize Your Alcohol Intake (Until Cocktail Hour)

The last thing I want to be here is a wet blanket because I’ll be the first to start pouring drinks as the other groomsmen get ready.  On these hot days though that can be pretty dangerous.  Alcohol clearly dehydrates you and you really should be drinking as much water as you can.  Once cocktail hour hits… all bets are off be responsible but have your fun.


If you’re in charge of planning the wedding or have ANY say in the ceremony.  You should offer some fruit infused water to your guests or even bottles of water on ice as the enter/exit the ceremony.  Your guests will truly appreciate it. 


Provide Sunscreen

You will always see me with a small bottle of sunscreen in all of my camera bags to protect my billboard of a forehead from burning.  So many of your guests will not think to apply sunscreen and you get mini bottles pretty cheap all over amazon.  

Make Up

Ladies did you really think I’d have advice on the right make-up to wear? I love that you trust me that way but perhaps you can write me and let me know about that department!  Thanks for reading and I hope this helps ya survive the head of summer weddings!