How to Feel Relaxed and Confident for Your Engagement Photos.

So many couples say that they’re not always comfortable in front of a camera.  This is even more popular in men.

By Jared Wood

Let me kick you off with a few tips and tricks that will help make the day go as fun as possible and yield the best photos leading up to your wedding!

Choosing Your Favorite Locations.

One of the most important factors of your shoot other than yourselves is going to be where we shoot your photos!  Some couples often want them to fit the theme of their wedding, others want them in specific locations that are important to their relationship, others will use it as fun excuse to explore a new area.

Chat with your photographer and find out what locations are best for you and yours.  If you’re interested in Philadelphia be sure to check out my Top Philadelphia Locations for Weddings and Engagement Photos! 

Build Out a Portfolio of Other Photographers Shots.

I’ve never met another photographer who minded you showing them exactly what you’re interested in.  Pinterest and Instagram are amazing resources for this!   I have a big collaborative google doc with all my couples and we brain dump ideas there constantly!

Bring a Change of Clothes.

It’s not uncommon to have a few outfit changes.  The hardest part is usually finding a place to get changed.  I’ve seen it all from couples using their cars or even as a good excuse to find a nice clean restaurant to grab a drink and use their clean bathrooms to get changed. 

This also helps you get plenty of variety in your engagement session. 

Keep it Simple.

Sometimes less is more.  You don’t want to over prepare to the point where you find yourself thinking to much about whats next instead of the person you’re taking photos with.   Whatever it takes to get you relaxed is what is goin got photograph best. 

Talk About the Shoot With Your Partner Before.

Having a few simple conversations about the. shoot prior with your partner can really help them become more comfortable leading up.  

Don’t forget to tell them how. amazing they look!

There ya go!  Take that, run with it, and have an amazing shoot.  I’d love to see how your photos end up (if I’m not your photographer) so send them to me over on Facebook!